Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Apparently No One Is Innocent

Here's Your Real News

Media Matters for America:
In a YouTube broadcast, Infowars host Alex Jones calls Manchester victims “liberal trendies”, claims they're the same people “promoting open borders”  —  From a May 22 video posted on Alex Jones' YouTube channel:  —  ALEX JONES: Trump didn't just sign a deal …
Why, it's as if they wanted to bomb the event themselves.
Extremist anti-LGBTQ activist Theodore Shoebat posted a video on his website reacting to the terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England last night in which 22 people were killed. Shoebat, who was featured in a radically anti-gay documentary in 2015 along with various Religious Right activists and Republican elected officials, declared that he has no sympathy for those who were killed or injured because they are all “sodomites-lovers” and “sluts.”

“I really have no sympathy for these people,” he said. “The people who died, the people who were injured, the people who were scared out of their minds, who ran away [screaming], I really don’t care. The types of people who go to these concerts are the same types of people who are responsible for the degeneracy that you see in society.”

“They go to these concerts dressed up as whores, dressed up as sluts, they’re pro-sodomite, they’re pro-divorce, they’re pro-infidelity,” Shoebat said. “They want evil, they want decay, they want sodomy, they want Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Shoebat then showed photos of “some sodomite lover” who was injured in the bombing as he declared that Ariana Grande “is a nasty, evil woman.”
No condemnation of the bomber, only of the "trendy liberal" victims. Did an eight-yr. old girl deserve to die because she was a "sodomite lover", "pro-divorce", & "promoted open borders"? Guess the American Experiment is over, & a grand failure it was, too. Fuck everything to hell, now!!

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