Sunday, May 21, 2017

Again, Money Over Life, Humanity, Decency & Anything Else

Not only the war crimes, the goddamn crony capitalism:

What America’s new arms deal with Saudi Arabia says about the Trump administration

It puts human rights aside to make a buck.

Second, the more libertarian-leaning members of the Republican party who have complained that many of Trump’s policy inclinations go against traditional conservative free-market principles now have yet another data point to make their case. After all, this is a clear example of the government directly interfering in the free market by trying to get a company to change its price on an item.

Even worse, one of the president’s senior advisers purposefully fought to make a US company less money in order to help another country out. I very much doubt that’s what most Trump voters expected his “America First” policy to look like.

Finally, the fact that Kushner himself was at the center of the whole thing is especially notable. Whereas foreign military sales in the past would be negotiated through multiple US government bureaucracies, countries can now apparently skip all that red tape and go right to the source as long as they forge a relationship with Kushner.

And you better believe that other countries are paying attention to that.
Believe it, or shove it!

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