Friday, April 7, 2017

Southland Anti-Fascism:

"War on Cops"? About time the American people start defending themselves from the casual brutality the police of this nation have perpetrated against them for hundreds of yrs.
Jennifer Kabbany / The College Fix:
Angry mob shuts down Blue Lives Matter speech at Claremont McKenna College  —  A throng of angry protesters converged at Claremont McKenna College on Thursday and effectively shut down a pro-police speech as they surrounded the building, forcing the speaker to give the talk via livestream …
"Blue Lives Matter"? "Blue lives" don't exist. (Not unlike those imaginary "states' rights".) Take off your uniform, & there's no blue. Unfortunately, people whose skin tone doesn't match the nationally-approved standard don't have that option. If you don't like being a fucking copper, quit the force & get a real job instead of gov't. work, thug.

Heather Mac Donald can fuck off right back to Scotland, too.

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