Friday, March 24, 2017

"The Common Clay Of The New West
... Morons"

Could America just not have any more sod-busting simpletons involved in governing us,
or in anything beyond supplying urbane sophisticates w/ milk, butter, cheese, ice cream & so forth?
House Oxymoron Committee Chairman Nunes is from California's fly-over country (It's a big state, we have a lot of just about everything, good, bad, ugly &/or indifferent.) where his family has molested cattle for generations. My paternal grandparents had a dairy farm (& owned a gas station in town); I wouldn't have wanted either of them telling me how to live, yet the future security of these United Snakes may depend on a "normal dad" whose most complex task before this mess may have been navigating the cow-flops in his pappy's fields. Now he acts as if his job is to keep Donald Trump happy as a dairy cow.
Devin Nunes once said all he wanted to do was work on a dairy farm.

Now the Republican from the rural Central Valley of California is running one of the most scrutinized, complex and politically fraught congressional investigations in recent memory.

As chairman of the House intelligence committee, which holds its first public hearing on Monday, Nunes is at the helm of a probe of Moscow's meddling in the 2016 campaign and the murky web of contacts between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia. It's a potentially sprawling enterprise that spans continents, plumbs spycraft and dominates international headlines.

He's a long way from raising cattle.


Until recently, the soft-spoken 43-year-old — dubbed a "normal dad" by friends — was hardly a fixture on the national news circuit.
An' he sho' nuff stepped right in that cow-flop, did'n he? When you've lost even the very-very-conservative Jennifer Rubin ...
Nunes shows why he’s incapable of running an investigation

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