Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Primary This Prick!

Pathetically square Democrat-Lite Representative Adam Schiff, who has mouthed crap like this before:

Trump administration is radicalizing Democratic voters, creating a challenge for the party, Rep. Adam Schiff says

The challenge for the party is Blue Dogs like Schiff, who seems unaware of the 2.8 million+ popular vote difference.
"Did we lose because we were too far to the left and we had too small a tent, or did we lose because we are too mainstream and didn’t energize the base?" Schiff asked.
Puh-leeze. Two words: Electoral College. We anxiously await Mr. Schiff's bill to eliminate that anti-democratic bullshit. And are Republicans not becoming more radicalized? The soooner we say sayonara to the two-faced fence-sitters sitting on their corporate-money-stuffed wallets in the middle of the road ("You'll get run over!") the better. Problem or solution, baby!!

Others who are sick & tired of him:
Schiff is a conservative careerist and a corporate whore. He joined the Blue Dogs, started voting with Republicans again [...] and then, the final breaking point, came in 2002 when Schiff joined 82 Democrats crossing the aisle to vote for, H.J. Res. 114, the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution. Most Democrats voted NO, as did Ron Paul and 5 other Republicans.
Also Daily Kos.

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