Saturday, January 28, 2017

75 Yrs. Of South American Fascism

WED 28 JAN 1942 Third Conference of Foreign Ministers of the American Republics at Rio de Janeiro is concluded. Despite the efforts of Argentina and Chile, Pan-American unity is preserved; within days, all Latin American nations that had not already done so (except Argentina and Chile) sever ties with Germany, Italy, and Japan. [Some nations never change, do they? — M.B.]

Japanese land on Rossel Island off New Guinea.

PBO (VP 82) on an antisubmarine sweep astern of convoy HX 172 attacks a surfaced submarine in the North Atlantic off Newfoundland at 43°50'N, 53°50'E. Although pilot (Aviation Machinist's Mate First Class Donald F. Mason) reports "sighted sub, sank same" no U-boat is lost on this date.

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