Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thanks For Nothing, 2016!

I waited & waited; all day Xmas, & Boxing Day, & even yesterday, in case the delivery was late or whatever, but nothing. NOTHING!! No new teeth, no camera to replace my drowned one, no guns, no ammo, no money, no big damn two-axle truck w/ which to squash suburban squares on the sidewalk or at the Xmas market ... NOTHING!!

So. I have no friends (Which I should have realized when the people I knew let me become homeless, the rotten "homeowner" shits w/ their fucking houses.) & even mythical creations don't care.
But 2017 looks as if it will be a killer. Literally.

Because, dear non-friends, when there is no more Social Security or Medicare, & brain-dead brain surgeon Ben Carson has eliminated housing subsidies, I will be broke, on the street, & completely justified in giving myself carte blanche to kill & kill again. I figure if I can take 10 or 20 of you rat bastards w/ me it'll be more than worth it. But I'm thinking big. Anyone have any advice on making ricin? 💣Or have any spare dynamite? Also pressure cookers.💣
And fuck Eddie Vedder & his lame mid-tempo music to hell. Should've been whining about my troubles all over craigslist, huh?

1 comment:

Weird Dave said...

Please try to take out the right 10-20 rat bastards*...

*If things get as bad as I'm afraid they might there is a very good chance I will be joining you...