Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ultra-American Bandstand

Trump's National Socialismecurity Advisor is Army Lt. Gen. (ret'd./forced out) Michael Flynn, a/k/a "Mad Dog". As in rabid & foaming at the mouth. Yes, Trump's found yet another of the best people. And apparently under the same rock he's turned over to find his other brilliant selections. Excerpts for the busy, w/ better headline:
Gen. Michael Flynn's Slow Descent Into Madness
It's the standard mess of bullshitting, contradiction & fearful delusion. And that's just Mad Dog Mike. He & his putative boss, President-elect Pussy-Grabber, don't have their stories straight either, as noted in a review of the general's new book, co-authored w/ fear-mongering old fool Michael Ledeen. (We could rest our case w/ those last two words alone.)

Must be fun to be able to be so jaw-droppingly two-faced. (Or so blithe to reality you just don't care. Added possibility: Senile dementia.) Gen. Flynn called security protocols ‘stupid’ but criticized Clinton for the same during campaign
No, really?

Hint to the "Mad Dog": These two numbers are jokes, kinda. If Trump wants to be taken seriously, or respected, or whatever for his pathetic psychological needs to be met, he might not let national security policy be set by a cashiered cretin who doesn't get that some beer-swilling musicians from L.A. are making a funny.
What. Ever. Too late to draft me!
Culture note: As evidenced above, Lee Ving (& who knows who else) re-cut FEAR The Record in 2012, as The FEAR Record. Reduce, reuse, recycle, regurgitate.

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Weird Dave said...

Small correction: Flynn is not smart enough to be called 'Mad Dog'.