Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Weasel-Dick Wednes.

This is a new one on me:
Leigh Ann Caldwell / NBC News:
Major GOP Donors Are Asking Trump for Their Money Back  —  Donald Trump's big-dollar donors asking for their money back, NBC News learns 2:52  —  Two big-money donors who have given or raised tens of thousands of dollars for Donald Trump are livid at the Republican presidential nominee …
Can't say I've ever heard of the sucker-ass chumps requesting refunds before. I wonder if any more of Trump's Chumps will beg their Dear Leader for their money back, leading to amusing post-election litigation.

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Feline Mama said...

Ah thy trumpeteers, it's called being BITTEN IN THE ASS! Couldn't happen to a better bunch of *$#@@*&&%@!!