Friday, October 21, 2016

I Am Shocked - Shocked ...

Lie down w/ the running dogs of conservatism, you'll wake up w/ fascist fleas, Frenchie.
David French / National Review:
The Price I've Paid for Opposing Donald Trump  —  Trump's alt-right trolls have subjected me and my family to an unending torrent of abuse that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  —  I distinctly remember the first time I saw a picture of my then-seven-year-old daughter's face in a gas chamber.
Nancy French / Washington Post:
What it's like to experience the 2016 election as both a conservative and a sex abuse survivor  —  “Should we pick him up?”  The preacher pointed to the side of the road to a hitchhiker.  —  “No!”  I shrieked, but the idea was intoxicating.  I'd lived in a one-festival town my whole life.
Fucking morons. This is exactly what your little friends are like: Hate-filled racists, bitter & filled w/ resentment. Don't pretend you're any better, hypocrites.

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