Thursday, July 28, 2016


The only thing worse for sheer irritating boredom than the purchase, preparation, & consumption of "sustenance" & "nutrition" is fucking cretins typing shit about it. Jesus Fuck, dullards, everybody eats, everybody shits & everybody breathes as well, but we don't see zillions of column inches about how your crap is the best crap ever, or comparisons of local atmospheres.

It all looks like this to me:
You have no idea what you're eating. Or why.
Frankly, these inane drones who are so concerned about gourmet & other bullshit eating should stop tasting their own asses, get their heads out of there & note that oxygen, as in the atmosphere & water, is in peril planet-wide, & they won't be eating shit if they aren't breathing, or are dead of dehydration. But do go on whining & typing about food all the time, I'm not bored enough yet!

Inspired (Although irritated may be a more accurate word.) by these two doses of jag-offery:

This Map Shows Where To Get Food From (Almost) All 50 States Without Leaving L.A.

The 11 Best Classic And Quintessentially Los Angeles Dishes

Eat this, eaters!

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