Monday, July 18, 2016

John Glenn, Oldest Person Ever
In Space, Completes His 95th Orbit

John Glenn in the Spacehab facility on Discovery, 1998. (N.A.S.A.)
Blah blah ... of my generation yada ... telebision sets in classrooms; we youth weren't aware of the possibilities of launch pad or post-launch explosions (Were the teachers & administrators who dragged those tube tee vee sets into the classrooms aware either? How nationally traumatizing would that have been?) & off he went into the wild blue yonder, & then the starry black ++yonder.

An inspiration to the young & old. Few have been as consistently bad-assed.

John Glenn: 1st American to Orbit Earth,
Oldest Man in Space

Plus, he's made it to 95. Of course, he's been getting gummint healthcare since he enlisted post-Pearl Harbor (except for 1965-74 as a "business executive" before getting into his lucrative U.S. Senate gig).

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