Sunday, May 22, 2016

Today C. 1956 In Dangerous Dunces

Pretty sure the Gateway Pundit quoted Francis the Red Commie exactly here.

Commie Pope Defends Middle East Tyrants,
Killers and Clans

Communist Pope Francis condemned Western powers for trying to export freedom, opportunity, prosperity, peace and modernity to the Muslim world.

Red Francis said Western powers need to respect the tyranny, abuse, intolerance and clan culture of countries like Iraq and Syria.

What a dangerous dunce.
What a delusional dunce. Dangerous? To coin a cliché, how many divisions does the Commie Pope have again?

And "commie" "communist" & "red", all in less than 50 words. (Isn't the politically correct & up-to-date phrase "Cultural Marxist"?)

Has the cretinous Mr. Hoft (at left, reacting to the camera as if what little remained of his very soul were being snatched) not yet noticed the passage of yrs. & the change of millennia? As much as this reporter despises religion & the superstitious, dimbulbs like Hoft almost make me sympathetic to some of the bead-rattling mackerel-snappers & Mohammedans being crushed beneath the admittedly slowly moving steamroller of wisdom & rationality. Almost.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

As if Hoft had a soul to be snatched!