Monday, January 25, 2016

That Which Is Wrong W/ Liberals

Imagining babbling David Brooks subjecting the innocent to his bullshit at a dinner party, Wonkette's snipy sez:
[Brooks would] be so certain that everyone was enraptured with his Big Thoughts when instead everyone was plotting how to get to the kitchen, smash open a wine bottle, and open their wrists so they didn’t have to listen to him any longer.
NO NO NO NO NO! NO!! As long as you chicken-butt middle-class liberals are more willing to hurt yourselves rather than those hurting you, you are fucked. If a babbling idiot makes you want to slit your wrists, the correct reaction is to get that bottle & beat the babbler about the head until he shuts his festering gob. Then stuff a nice linen dinner-party napkin in his effing mouth so he can't start again the bullshit again (if he wakes up).

SHORTER: Stop turning your anger on yourselves, cowards. Strike at those who anger you!

1 comment:

Yastreblyansky said...

(a) he has no scruples whatever, that fucking fornicator, and would cheat with Kasich in a second.
(b) otherwise you're right, suicide is not the way, it's cleaning out his liquor cabinet and throwing dessert in his face.