Friday, October 23, 2015

Worst Play-Off Result Ever?

Of eight possible teams*, we get last yr.'s K.C. Royal losers & New York's Johnny-come-lately Dodger/Giant imitators, the Mets, who moved National League baseball in Noo Yawk City to Queens, fer cryin' out loud. It is almost impossible to care any less; WEB of EVIL wishes a pox on both their stadia.
*Only worse possibility: St. Louis/Texas. Dodged a bullet there.


mikey said...

I dunno. I like those KC kidz. They'll kick your ass, steal your horses, drink your beer and fuck your women....

M. Bouffant said...

Mr. October Sez:
All attractive qualities, but I'm just not excited. After the Bums made their sadly usual early exit I was pulling for the Cubs or Torontans, but I guess they'll be calling Toronto Jays Suck! now.