Monday, October 19, 2015

Go, Canada!

TORONTO (AP) — Justin Trudeau, the son of one of Canada's most charismatic politicians, will be Canada's next prime minister, according to projections Monday by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The projection, made even before the final polls had closed in western Canada, came as early vote tallies indicated a resounding victory for Trudeau's Liberal Party over the Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper, the prime minister for almost a decade.

If the results are confirmed, they would signal a sharp change in Canada's politics. Trudeau marks a return to Canada's liberal tradition, with its emphasis on social welfare — and one that Harper was intent on changing.
Idiot Joe Buck, announcing the game, claims our neighbours "elect a Prime Minister". Little more complicated than that, ninny. Nonetheless, Toronto Blue Jays 11, Kansas City Royals 8, at Rogers Centre, formerly Toronto's SkyDome.

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