Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Long Pig Report

Yes, this guy (via Mock Paper Scissors) is one hell of a pig, but the pig that piques this reporter's curiosity is the long one that this insane fucking lunatic seems to believe is ... something something ... here, figger it out yourself, from (1:38), not that you shouldn't catch it all. Shoebat has issues, as they say, w/ women as well as cannibals:
"Why we should be allowed to cannibalize dead people, why we should be allowed to take, uh, uh, human skin cells and try to replicate human flesh so we can put it in restaurants and have steaks made out of human flesh. That's what they teach in universities. I'm sure you didn't know that!"
I sho' nuff didn't, but I'm skeert now!!

Bogus tales of "the abortion industry" having failed to scare the masses into sending money, they are now resorting to cannibalism. O.K., pretty much Jim Bakker playing the cannibalism card, but he's cutting-edge in grifting, even after doing a few yrs. as a very special guest of the Federal Gummint; expect others to follow. Among the major G.O.P. candidates it's even money 'tween former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee & retired doctor Ben CaseyCarson.

Pseudo-punditry aside, WHAT THE FUCK? Are these steaks of human flesh Shoebat's own bizarre extension of stem cell research paranoia? "It's not to cure disease, it's for gourmet Soylent Green!"

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