Monday, August 31, 2015

Property Is Murder

Los Angeles Police at the crime scene in Venice. Courtesy of OnScene.TV Stolen from mynewsLA.
Here is a horrifying if it happened as described event from the edge of the continent.
Authorities have not released information about what caused the fight, though witnesses told police that the shooting stemmed from people telling homeless people to not sleep in front of the Cadillac Hotel, and resulted in a man shooting at the transients outside.

One witness, Ras Whitelion, told CBS Los Angeles that the owner of Cadillac Hotel was with the gunman, and instructed him to shoot at the homeless people. "He pulled out the gun and the guy that owns the Cadillac Hotel told him ‘Kill that n----r,'" Whitelion said.


Authorities told CBS Los Angeles that the owner of Cadillac Hotel was also injured. A witness said that homeless men roughed up the owner after the shooting, and as a result, he suffered from head injuries.
I mean you know blah blah blah like every spermhuman life is sacred so of course murder is horrifying, but murder in defense of property is ++horrifying. And we'll just note that the alleged shot-caller is a dirty filthy nasty immigrant or foreigner or something.
... local residents told City News Service the suspect is 54-year-old Sris Sinnathamby, the Cadillac Hotel owner from Sri Lanka.
It won't be long before someone asks Donald Trump about this & he condemns his fellow hotelier will it?

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BadTux said...

Hell, Trump probably approves. He'd probably hire his own gunmen to kill the homeless if he thought he could get away with it.

Funny how all these right-wing fucktards love their "final solutions".

- Badtux the "Godwin's Law" Penguin