Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jury Duty

Where the rat bastards are attempting to impose their will on me.
Forced to show up at 0745, then told to sit & wait for half-an-hr. Then walked through filling out the juror summons. And by the fucking way, if you happened to fill out your summons & submitted it on-line, welp, suckah, you have to do it again right there so the staff will have a hard copy! What. The. Fuck? Fuck the criminal justice system in every hole in its ugly lying body!

Put enough stuff in the juror questionnaire that I doubt I'll serve (If the judge says it's the law & I know it's bullshit, I will continue to think that & jure accordingly.) but If I have to point out to the judge that he couldn't get the respondent's last name right & he's an incompetent buffoon I fucking will.

Hell of a fucking country where the justice system cowers in such fear of its citizens it must x-ray everyone's belongings & send everyone through a metal detector before they can get non-justice. Not to mention a justice system where the fucking judge makes a big deal of how important a correct transcript of the proceedings is, yet there are no recording devices, merely a court stenographer. And many cheesy signs screaming about not using cameras in the court room. Fuck them. Is there no more transparency? Since when are the people kept from making records of the shit done & the lies told in their name?

After seeing my fellow jurors, I realize none of them have any interest in anything beyond playing w/ their stupid 'phones, let alone any rights they may have or any interest in justice. They could be marched all over the fucking bkdg. like the sheep they are, told to sit down, wait, stand up, go over there, stand & wait, yada yada, but as long as they have their fucking 'phones they couldn't care less how they are treated or what they're asked to do. Scum, every last one.

Even the judges agree it's anti-justice.

If I only had a bomb ...

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