Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nine, Count 'Em Nine Important Issues

Inquiring minds again: What was missing from Dr. Randal Paul's quixotic announcement? Normal people (Exclusionist? Consider yourself triggered, weirdo!) don't care & wouldn't bother, but the mystery was posed in the PJ Tatler, where a long & deep look at the recesses of the reactionary id/darkest workings of the conservative mind/yada is always possible. Went ahead anyway, mostly because this long look doesn't involve too much beyond copying & pasting a paragraph.

And what all did typist Paula Bolyard* compile (w/ bullet points)?
Did you notice anything missing from Sen. Rand Paul’s speech on Tuesday announcing that he’s running for president? During the speech, Paul mentioned the word “liberty” eleven times and “government” seven times. There were, however, some important issues the senator from Kentucky neglected to talk about:
  • Free Speech
  • Religious Liberty
  • Obamacare
  • Second Amendment
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Common Core
  • Marriage/Family
  • Israel
  • Faith
Question begged: How many of the above are issues, especially to the above-referenced normal people? Not that Doc P.'s "liberty" & "government" are anything but worn-to-almost-nothing buzzwords.

If we were inclined to be charitable we could reduce the nine to JESUS!(x6), the Second Amendment, Obama(care) & Common Core.

Still wouldn't have bothered w/ the whole silly mess but for the difference between "Second Amendment" & the First Amendment being divided & expressed as "Free Speech" & "Religious Liberty". Yes, there are two clauses to the First, but is she padding or is something more sinister than laziness afoot?
*"In addition to writing for PJ Tatler and PJ Lifestyle, Paula also writes for Ohio Conservative Review,.[sic] She is co-author of a new Ebook called, [sic] Homeschooling: Fighting for My Children’s Future.¹ Paula describes herself as a Christian first, conservative second, and Republican third. She is also a member of the Wayne County Ohio Executive Committee."

Ms. Bolyard has them in the wrong order doesn't she? Kinder, Küche, Kirche, ja? Whatever. Worked for Phyllis Schlafly.

†As if virtually all humanoid discourse in this world is anything else. STOP PRETENDING ALREADY!

¹W/ two sics against her in her own bio you can imagine her Ebook, although it's possibile her co-author can proof. Still doesn't say much for her students' future, 'though.

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