Monday, March 2, 2015

Yet Another Call For Violence
From A Reactionary Buffoon

"Normal" Americans. (People so far over the median age are not "normal".)
It’s time to give current university system the Old Yeller treatment, except normal Americans will giggle when this rabid mongrel gets put down.

Sure, the legions of administrative timeservers, otherwise unemployable tenure ticks, and loan-loaded future baristas who infest our colleges will be plenty sad. After all, their free ride will come to an end when we derail their gravy train.

And it shall be glorious, for the tears they shed when forced into a world that demands achievement, effort and accountability, will be a powerful tonic for productive citizens like us who have carried these obnoxious parasites for the last few decades. We won’t mourn modern academia’s passing. Once a college education was an aspiration. Now it’s a punchline.

This is where I must help out the liberal readers operating under the delusion that their self-designed dual major in Otherkin Activism and Post-Modern Self-Actualization gave them the ability to understand simple concepts. The enemy is academia, not education. But except for a few bastions of true learning, like Hillsdale College, the rare instances where modern academia overlaps with actual education are the result of sheer chance.
Blah blah blah yada yada yada.
For generations, modern liberal academia has been at war with normal Americans. It’s time we shot back – just ask Old Yeller.
Say, y'know who else (Besides, obviously, this reporter: "fucking cowards I should have shot like rabid dogs".) was in favor of killing members of his society that he considered vermin/rabid dogs/whatever?

And shouldn't American students already be able to understand "simple concepts" after 12 yrs. of being ground down by the system, so if they make it to higher education they can work on somewhat more complex ideas?

Also: Hillsdale College? Bent over doubled up laffing & laffing.

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