Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tied-Up Tree

Apparently we are requiredit is expected we post this
when we make lame bondage references.

Welp, w/ little but H. Clinton & Her E-Mails/Rockies at Dodgers spring training (w/ C-team announcers) on the telly a musical interlude may be called for. So, also, then, our fave from the album wherein the "Penguin" first appeared, covered by Gov't Mule:
Catch Gov't Mule* on their whirl-wind (four dates in four days, 'though only three venues) North Eastern Elitists Tour, tomorrow through 14 March.

O.V., w/ lyrics. Allegedly Steel Dan-influenced/inspired/informed. You tell us.
Bugger the world of shit & pain entirely w/ this, "Recommended for you" by a robot at YouTube:

*Apostrophe but no period? C'mon. all or nothing, people!

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OBS said...

Awe yeah, that's more like it. Ruth is my all time favorite percussionist, also, too.