Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thought It Said "High School"

First impression: Incorrect. (Just "High," not "High School".)(Terribly fucking sorry, but the cretinous sub-human morons at the shithole of incompetence that is Soundcloud seem unable to put a visible volume control on their shit-sucking player. If it's too loud or soft please leave Web of Evil alone & tell Soundcloud to fuck off w/ a splintery broomstick!)

The advantages of literacy:
“We’ve got somebody in the White House who effectively, peace be upon him, acts like a Muslim and a Marxist the same time,” Kincaid told host Rick Wiles, before calling Secretary of State John Kerry “an agent of Hanoi” who is just one of many “people in positions of power who are working actively for the enemies of the United States.”

Wiles laid out a scenario where Obama refuses to leave office after his second term: “This guy is so wacked-out, if he could create a crisis, I think he would stay in the White House.”

Kincaid said that while he doesn’t know if the president would attempt to stay in office, he believes Obama is “working actively for the enemies of the United States, and Iran is just one of them. I would include in that China, I would include in that Russia, global Islam; it’s going to be tough to survive these last two years. We need the help of God here.”

“This is guy is mentally unstable,” Wiles said of Obama. “He’s not incompetent, he knows exactly what he was doing. Hitler was wacked-out and Hitler was very competent in carrying out his agenda but he was mentally insane. I don’t think Barack Obama is a mentally stable person. I think he is an extremely dangerous man.”

This prompted Kincaid to explain his theory about how Obama may have been brainwashed into Communism as a young person while he was high:
I think he’s wacked-out in the sense that I think if we go back to his history, especially in Hawaii when he came under the influence of the Communist Frank Marshall Davis who was himself a dope-smoker and an alcoholic, Obama we know was a member of the ‘Choom Gang.’ He was a heavy marijuana user. That had to have an effect on him. Maybe it’s clouded him some way, it enabled Davis to brainwash him. Of course we know he was raised partly as a Muslim. These are the ingredients that went into the combustible material that we see in the White House today, and the whole thing is threatening to explode.
Son of a fucking bitch, you wonder what in hell it's like inside their clouded minds.


Yastreblyansky said...

I can claim to an exhaustive knowledge of American politics, you know, but I'm pretty sure there's only one case of an office holder who proposed staying on without an election when his term was up because an ongoing crisis made it unwise to hold an election, and that politician was different from Obama in some salient respects of which the most notable was that he was Rodolfo Giuliani.

Then after proving he was a fascist he'd pull the ethnicity card and get really pissed with you for calling him a fascist, like you wouldn't have done it if not for his name.

Yastreblyansky said...

Oops, I meant to say "I can't claim". Or as Nixon said, I can, but it would be wrong.