Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Schaden Types Itself

Ha ha. Remember those sci-fi stories wherein someone in the far far future (1990, mebbe?) wakes up & prints the daily dog-trainer from the giant (possibly refrigerated) devil-box, which has also just made the coffee-maker make coffee & has the robo-stove cooking breakfast?

A retired editor at the Los Angeles Times pinged me last week to observe how thin his home-delivered papers have been feeling. He also noticed that, after many decades, the Times last week stopped listing the total number of pages in that day's paper under the nameplate on the front page.
Plus which:
And, yes, the weekday papers now cost $2 on the street.
Ha ha ha.

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mikey said...

Heh. We built shit in the last twenty years that even the most optimistic visionary could come close to imagining. High speed, High resolution, wireless, flat screen, full color, audio/video comms devices that everybody can afford.

Sadly, even with all that amazing innovative capability, we are all victims of a corrupt system that only cares about adding another ten or twenty million to their bank account.

The things we could have done if they didn't kill us...