Friday, January 23, 2015

Now We've Established What You Are, It's Just Negotiation

Corporate Pigs Daily advises:
As he lines up support for a likely presidential bid, Republican Jeb Bush is offering donors the chance to join his “national executive committee” – if they raise $500,000 by March 31.

A pledge form for Mr. Bush’s newly formed Right to Rise political committee offers other levels of membership: donors who collect $250,000 by March 31 can join the “national committee,”$100,000 to join the “state executive committee” and $50,000 for the “state committee.”

The pledge form reflects the former Florida governor’s “shock and awe” strategy, aimed at demonstrating a fundraising prowess unlikely to be matched by any potential rivals. Many of the big donors pursued by Mr. Bush supported 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, who is also weighing a 2016 bid.
Does the escort service provide a rate card?


Weird Dave said...

Does the escort service provide a rate card?

Any extra services are to be privately negotiated.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

"Right to Rise"

Dammit fuck, that sounds plenty fascist to me....