Monday, January 12, 2015

Chickens Coming Home:
"Ten Years Later" 10 Yrs. later

Bottom Line Up Front:
• While the traditional forms of modern terrorism persist at lethally high-levels, as seen in the recent devastating suicide bombings in Yemen, Nigeria, and Lebanon, terrorists have changed the meaning of ‘spectacular’ attacks, with stunning repercussions

• They have done this by concentrating on the reaction to an attack, and manufacturing fluid situations perfect for overreaction and sustained chaos

• Three times in the last four months, lone wolves or small wolf packs of perpetrators have paralyzed major world cities with only a few rifles or a shotgun and with shouted slogans; expect more similarly-styled attacks in 2015

• This creates an urgent need for the thoughtful reshaping of our approach to countering this shifting threat while maintaining the ability to guard against traditional terror network-styled attacks.
Context, Suggestions & Possibilities, +10 yrs. (Ignore the timeline, may be about to happen now!):

Ten Years Later

"Then the second wave of al-Qaeda attacks hit America." A leading expert on counterterrorism imagines the future history of the war on terror. A frightening picture of a country still at war in 2011
"2011" he says. Ha ha ha.

At the same moment, at the Tower Place, in Chicago; the Crystal Place, in Dallas; the Rappamassis Mall, in Virginia; and the Beverly Forest Mall, in Los Angeles, the scene was much the same: four shooters and hundreds of dead shoppers. America's holiday mall shopping effectively ended that day, as customers retreated to the safety of online retail.
Many more, but that could happen this afternoon.

See also: The Final Jihad. (Somebody hates America.)


mikey said...

I don't understand why we haven't seen at least occasional truck bombs and grenade attacks. It's not like we can prevent them - they must be choosing not to launch them. And I'd love to understand the reasoning for that...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Example: Bibi killed 17 journalists and 500 children in Gaza last summer.

USA! USA! USA! reaction? Yawn.

Aunt Snow said...

I was researching the history of the Seattle neighborhood I lived, during the time just prior to when I moved there. There's a great history website, for MOHAI, or the Museum of History and Industry, that allows online access to their oral history archives.

I was amazed to read about bomb threats and actual bombings in my hippie-ish neighborhood during the '60s and '70s. And it made me remember bomb scares called into my suburban high school, in the early '70s.

And of course there was the SLA in Los Angeles then, too, not to mention Synanon, operating just down the street from my Santa Monica workplace, in what is now a luxury beach hotel.

It hasn't been that long ago since domestic urban "terrorism" was a part of American life. We have been spared them in recent decades, but the US hasn't been such a protected place from violence in its long history. We should remember that our environment can turn to shit in a heartbeat. Talk to people from Sarajevo if you want to know how that works.