Saturday, October 26, 2013

California Leads The Way

As always, The Golden State ("Where the streets are ... paved.") is doing its best to squash the fascist insectmarginalize enemies of the people (Republican division) before final elimination (w/ votes, at the ballot box. Sure ...).

Credit where due: The California Republican Party's assistance has been invaluable.

An R consultant, Jeff Miller:
“Over the last two decades, California’s working class has slowly migrated out of the state and Latino and women voters are completely disenfranchised [sic] with the Republican Party. There are only a few pockets of conservative voters left in the state and they are only able to help carry the day for Republicans in ultra-low turnout elections on issues where campaign spending is at parity or to the Republican advantage, and where the Democratic and union grass-roots apparatus is not activated,” Miller’s memo said.

“There is no good way to sugarcoat this. ... The Republican label is anathema to younger voters, women and Latinos -- growing voter blocs with real significance to future elections.”
Perhaps most interesting is Miller's claim the working class has migrated; somehow, actual work has continued in the state, much of it performed (As if they were acting?) by Latinos. Gee, if Republicans were such a great fit w/ the working class one might think working class Latinos would have migrated to the Republican Party. Why not, then? The hate? (No idea if/why his working class, no matter the ethnicity, would be Republicans, but whatever.)

Miller recently left the state, after two initiatives in which he was involved were defeated last November. (Every last one of these Republican cocksuckers is a sore loser. Every damn one.) Now he's in Texas helping imbecile pseudo-secessionist imbecile/Gov. Rick Perry lure businesses from California w/ promises of fewer regulations, &c. You know, wage-slavery. Fuck him in every orifice w/ an enchilada wrapped w/ pickle sauce.

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