Saturday, January 12, 2019

Planes, Subs, Mines

WED 12 JAN 1944
PB4Ys (VB 108 and VB 109) bomb Japanese shipping in Kwajalein lagoon, sinking gunboat Ikuta Maru, 08°42'N, 167°44'E. Aerial minelaying operations continue in the Marshalls as five PBY-5s, flying from Tarawa, mine Tokowa and Torappu channels and the south entrance to Maleolap; one Catalina goes on to bomb Jabor but is forced down by antiaircraft fire six miles east of Jaluit (see 14 January).

Submarine Albacore (SS-218) sinks Japanese gunboat No.2 Choko Maru about 350 miles southwest of Truk, 03°30'N, 147°27'E; she also damages motor gunboat Hayabusa-Tei No.4, under tow of No.12 Choko Maru, so badly that the smaller craft has to be scuttled, 03°37'N, 147°27'E.

Submarine Hake (SS-256) sinks Japanese aircraft transport Nigitsu Maru about 300 miles southeast of Okinawa, 23°15'N, 133°49'E.

Japanese army cargo vessel Kanjo Maru is sunk by USAAF mine in Takao harbor, Formosa, 22°37'N, 120°15'E.

Naval Air Station, Port Lyautey, French Morocco, is established.

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