Friday, June 9, 2017

Bad News, Tolerable News

Not-good-at-all-news: Half of our bottom-of-the-line (10 Ameros) earbuds needed replacing (Earwax build-up, eventual damage from the cleaning thereof, NONE OF THIS CHEAP PLASTIC SHIT LASTS WORTH A DAMN ANYWAY!) This is especially bad because should Web of Evil's editor/publisher be left w/ his own thoughts nothing but trouble will result; he must always be distracted.

Could-be-much-worse news: Was able to locate & purchase top-of-the-non-Bluetooth®-line earbuds at 50% (25 Ameros) off retail. (The model I really wanted* but was not about to blow 50 bucks on.) Mere hrs. later (& hrs. before I was awake) rec'd. an e-mail advising me they were ready to be picked up at the closest incarnation of athe national big box electronics chain, & the rest was history. Would have been perfect if the schmuck at the pick-up counter hadn't had to come back, check the terminal & ask for my 'phone # before finally locating my precious.

From the Operating Instructions:
Note on static electricity
Static electricity accumulated in the body may cause mild tingling in your ears.
To minimize the effect, wear clothes made from natural materials.
Is a certain Japanese entity trying to make us all hippies? Wake up, sheeple!
*Wanted, hell; the newish mobile 'phone's audio is puny & the "EXTRA BASS™ sound with deep, punchy low end" is necessity, not luxury. ("FREQUENCY RESPONSE 4–24,000Hz" Well beyond my & most other humanoids' range.)
Also has a microphone, on the outside chance I am ever again forced to call a human being or voice-activated robot.
(Above tune writ by Warren Zevon, y'know.)

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