Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Christ, What An Asshole!"
Part The Infinite

I sincerely hope Trump never learns how much worse & even less fairly a politician could be treated. Or do I?

No Prez in history — and I type this with great surety — has been mentioned seriously in the same sentence as "impeachment" less than four months into his contract.

Whatever. Biggest question is probably how (& for how long) self-described counter-puncher/fighter/whiner Trump will attempt to defend himself should it come to pass. I doubt if "No puppet!" will sway all the Republicans on the committee. Or the F.B.I. agents.
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Memory Hole: RedState (linked above) may not be totally behind Trump; nonetheless, contemplate these examples of what a tough time some have had compared to Trump,
President George W. Bush being compared to Hitler or a monkey? Nothing.

Lawsuits to try and block his presidency? Minor.

And history tells us Lincoln had a cakewalk, so we won’t even go there.

Ronald Reagan was shot, for Pete’s sake!
& the sheer fucking gall of not mentioning our more recent President, who had exactly the same comparisons made about him (& much worse) as that poor put-upon George W. Bush. Or Bush's predecessor. What was his name again?

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