Friday, January 13, 2017

Lucky 13?

Not only no hideous disasters in the outer world (of shit & pain, need I add) but good things (two) happened to me today. Found one of these, shiny, silvery & just-cleaned-by-the-rain outside at the dumpster & brought it in. At the same time ran into the neighbor who gave me the now almost useless Lifeline 'phone; he's not moving 'phones anymore, but he still has some lying around, & gave me a Moxee X1000 (4G, whatever that means, has to be better than the previous 2G, right?) two of the same cheap 2G model he gave me a yr. & a half ago (estimated life maybe nine mos.) & two boxes w/o branding/model #s. Mystery 'phones! The Moxee is now charged (2000PST) let's see if it works.

Not that this makes up for a second (or third) yr. w/o an increase in Social Security, yet w/ annual & relatively hefty increases in the portion of rent I have to pay. W/ his City Housing Authority raising my rent even when my income is unchanged, I might start questioning Mayor Garcetti's yada & blather about ending homelessness. Never mind random fortune. This reporter remains screwed, blued & tattooed.

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