Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Today In Demonization:
"Lucifer's Spawn"

WBTV Charlotte
Seems ... uh ...
(Source: Lexington County)
The tweet from Friday sparked that blaze – a Bible verse tweeted by Clinton to which Carrigg replied: "This Bitch does NOT need to quote the Bible! She is Lucifer's spawn." Just about half-an-hour before that tweet, she sent out another directed at Clinton: "This Bitch is crazy!"

"Well, I think the intent is pretty obvious," she said Monday. "I mean, it was intended to show my dislike for a presidential candidate."
How nice of outgoing Lexington County, NC, Clerk of Court Beth Carrigg to show some respect by capitalizing "Bitch".

Attacking the messenger: Is anything Biblical that Clinton quotes to be considered inoperative by real Christians?

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Quincunx said...

NC christianist. Sad.