Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Eastside" Local Action/Culture Links

A movie about "the kids". [LAist/L.A. Taco]

Other E.L.A. styles culturally appropriated:
While no one was looking, East L.A. got transplanted to Brazil — lowriders, taco trucks and all
And, the "eastside" (white people in gentrifying enclaves this reporter was forced from by pig landlords over a decade ago) shoved down America's telebision throat.

How L.A.’s Silver Lake Became TV’s Most Neurotic Neighborhood

The representative episode of the genre might be You’re the Worst’s “Sunday Funday,” in which the four leads — Gretchen, her sort-of, not-really boyfriend, Jimmy, and their sidekicks Lindsay and Edgar  plan a free-form day of drunken brunching and pointless cool-kid high jinks, such as visiting a petting zoo and racing shopping carts. As Edgar says, “I’m from L.A. — fun hipster shit is just poor Latino shit from ten years ago.”

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