Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Was Happy To Be Confused

Much ado about nothing in the item below, as my original instincts (& fervent hopes) were correct: If the DVR still works, they haven't cut the bunker off yet. The "network problems" announcement rather than a "This deadbeat ain't paid us nothin' lately" message when I called the landline might have been a clue as well. And when I left the library & tried myself a few hrs. later my rude message answered, so life was bright again on my way back.

The problem may have been here in the bldg., as there were a couple of maintenance weasels fooling around in the hall near the cable box when I left for the library. Maybe some ninny cut the power to the box.

Here's a picture from the branch lie-berry. Wasn't a complete waste of time:
Words by which to live.


Weird Dave said...

In three languages! That's a keeper.

M. Bouffant said...

"It's Koreatown, Jake" Editor:
Damn batteries pooped (so to speak) out before I could shoot the drain in the middle of the tile floor that may have inspired some to whiz outside the bowl.

Weird Dave said...

Mr. 'Grain could probably put that to good use...