Friday, November 27, 2015

Today In "Law-Abiding" Citizens

SANTA MONICA ( — Authorities said a disgruntled cab passenger shot himself in the head after being dropped off at his residence in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Police said the man also fired several rounds at the taxi driver after he was let out of the cab following a dispute between the two.

The incident took place in the 800 block of Bay Street about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, Santa Monica police Sgt. Cody Green said.

“Apparently there was some kind of dispute over payment for the cab ride,” Green said.

The unidentified passenger got out of the cab, went inside his residence and then came back out and fired several rounds at the cab, Green said. He then went back inside his home and shot himself in the head.

It’s unclear why he shot himself, Green added.

The passenger was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition Thanksgiving morning, Green said. The cab driver was not hurt.
Note that the heroic standing-his-ground-loser & previously "law-abiding citizen" was unable to hit the cabbie but was able to hit himself in the head. Fucking shame the cabbie wasn't armed too; maybe he could have shot himself in the head as well, & then Moloch would have had two humanoids sacrificed to him.

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