Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanks For Your Help The Other
364/5 Days Of The Year,
You Hypocritical Bastards!

Were I still urban camping I'd show up at one of these bullshit celebrity events & shove a free drumstick right up one of these celebrity asshole's assholes!

See if your guilt is assuaged after that, phonies!

Also fuck this housing-homeless-veterans-before-decent-people bullshit. If you volunteered to kill babies for the U.S. Gov't. you are a chump & deserve to suffer for perpetuating fascism & continuing the very society that has, ironically, treated you like the pieces of shit you are. How does that work out? It's almost as if everything said about our noble baby-killers by politicians & other brain-dead talking heads is a fucking lie & they don't mean a word of it.

A fucking shame that instant karma is only applied to people who work (or worked) for a living, rather than the parasites who run this world of shit & pain & make it so painful & shitty for others.

Not to mention drunken assholes driving around in their shitmobiles funding ISIS & running people over. When will something be done about this form of random terrorism?

And, having worked retail (where one Thanksgiving I was forced to work Thanksgiving morning, from 2200 Weds. night until six that morning) fuck every exempt employee, supervisor (Literally "overseer", ring any bells?) middle manager, corporate executive & shareholder. W/ bullets, since apparently the Holy Jesus-inspired wonder that is democracy doesn't apply to the world of money-grubbing assholery, & we can't just vote the parasites out.

So ask yourselves why exactly you should be thankful & to whom. Hint: Damn sure not an imaginary fairy in the sky that has sentenced you to three-score & ten yrs. of misery.

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