Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Cycle Of Life (&/Or Death)

Huh. Also a Saturday 62 yrs. ago this date when this reporter was born to boredom. (And the island trifecta of Ennui, Tedium, & occasional trips to Monotony.) Two wks. late, & induced. (Knew better than to come out & meet my parents or anyone the hell else, but NO!)

Time to check out already? (It only seems like an eternity.) How much is one expected to suffer over 60+ yrs. in your world (I DIDN'T MAKE IT!!!) of shit & pain? And that's just the mental & psychological agony of living among humanoids. Wait'll the ravages of maturity start.

Left: M.B. vs. The World, early in the 1980s.

Oh, what the hell, let's be celebratory & life-affirming (or at least not-dead) for a change & play a tune we really like.
YOU THOUGHT I WAS DEAD Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate
Modesty forbids. [shuffles feet, looks embarrassed]


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Check out? We need you now more than ever, old chum.