Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sad Religion

Hey Pope, why is your Gawd such a powerless frightened sissy it can't do anything but "weep" after the fact?

Pope Francis Meets With Victims Of
Clerical Sexual Abuse: 'God Weeps’

Dollars to dough-nuts there's not a single line in the unholy repugnant Bible about not sticking things in children. There is the part about children who talk back being stoned to death. (O.K.'d by your "Gawd of L-U-V", hateful murderous idiots.) Does that mean if Junior or Sis don't want daddy's dick in their mouth daddy/Gawd can kill them? Inquiring minds want to know.

Inquiring minds would also like to know why every stinking pervert priest involved hasn't been arrested & brought to trial w/ the full & absolute coöperation of the Roman Catholic Church, why the R.C.C. lets these sick fucks into seminaries in the first place, & generally what the hell's the problem, Church?

In other child abuse news, asshole announcers across the N.F.L. today have mentioned that "whoopin'" enthusiast (would be attempted murderer, really) Adrian Peterson & whichever skanky ho w/ whom he's recently hooked up reproduced this a.m. As far as this reporter is concerned Peterson should be in prison, & should have had his scrotum removed. How can we allow sadistic bastards like this to breed their own victims? Why do you eat your young, America?

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