Monday, August 17, 2015

Has "B.O." Torn Your Family Apart?

The paranoid style in "Urban Studies", from O.C. Register "Staff Columnist" Joel Kotkin, who's been entirely too much in the news recently.
Barack Obama has always wanted to be a transformational president, and in this, at least, he has been true to his word. [Heh heh. Get it? "You lie!" Haw haw! Didja get it? Huh? Did ya?] The question is what kind of America is being created, and what future does it offer the next generation.

President Obama’s great accomplishment, arguably, has been to spur the evolution of a society that formerly rested on individual and familial aspiration, and turn it into a more regulated and centralized regime focused on broader social and environmental concerns.
Do "societies" even become "regimes"? This is the usual "That person in the White House is taking away my freedoms!" yada except articulated in larger (& accordingly vaguer) words. Still waiting for anything resembling fact behind any of these claims of impinged freedom.

Also, per O.C. Reg staff artist Chris Morris we are all hipsters or gamers or ... um ... something in B.O.'s Matrix, able only to live in a virtual reality simulacrum of the American Dream. The American Dream. Only one is allowed, if you forgot: Houses, homemakers, cars, dogs, white picket fences, babies & other property to be fetishized by white guys.
In conclusion, types Kotkin, hooray for racial resentment:
Although they have been far less able to achieve homeownership, surveys consistently show that most millennials want to own a house, get more space and seem increasingly willing to move to the suburbs, even the exurbs, to get it.

This will no doubt prove a disappointment for the highly influential cadre of generally wealthier, environmentally focused baby boomers, who celebrate millennials being satisfied as apartment renters – for life. Perhaps this is one reason that, in recent surveys, young people have been less likely to identify as “environmentalist” than previous generations.

Similarly, millennials may be very tolerant and welcoming of diversity, but one has to wonder how many – particularly those outside the protected classes – are likely to chafe at a regime that disfavors their own prospects. The fact that white millennials have been trending Republican should be seen by Democrats as something of a warning sign.
Also helpful to the cause? Uncited "surveys", & the trending (?) of "white millennials". Surprised he doesn't capitalize "white" as his nationalist brethren do? Me too.

We also wonder if Mr. Kotkin has ever invested any of the money he scams from things like the Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism ( in development or real property, or if he's neither a landlord nor Trump-like Master of the Development Universe but merely a mouthpiece for the rent-seekers.

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