Thursday, August 27, 2015

Burn In Hell Forever!!

I'll only type it once: My birthday is less than a month away, & there is nothing in the known universe I more fervently desire than a mother-fucking FLAMETHROWER!!!
The Ion product, known as the XM42, can shoot fire over 25 feet and has more than 35 seconds of burn time per tank of fuel. With a full tank of fuel, it weighs just 10 pounds.

Another company—XMatter, based in Cleveland, Ohio — sells a similar device for $1,600 each, but it weighs 50 pounds. However, this device has approximately double the range of the XM42.


Shockingly, there are no current federal regulations on the possession, manufacture, sale, or use of flamethrowers.

"These devices are not regulated as they do not qualify as firearms under the National Firearms Act," Corey Ray, a spokesman with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, told Ars by e-mail.

At the state level, California requires a permit while Maryland outright bans them—Ars is not aware of any other state-level regulation. The Inhumane Weapons Convention, which the United States signed in 1981, forbids "incendiary weapons," including flamethrowers. However, this document is only an agreement between nation-states and their militaries, and it did not foresee individual possession.
What the hell's so "shocking"? These are the United Snakes, what the fuck do you expect? Whichever one I get I promise I'll only use it to send bad people to the hell where they belong, not to burn weeds. And I'll post the pix to social media like all today's modern murderers.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Good way to keep those goddamn kids off the lawn!