Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Isn't America Number One?

Look at this. Look at this & be outraged!!
Tunisian security official: Only 1 gunman, a young student, was responsible for hotel attack that left 28 dead - @AP
What's wrong w/ our once-exceptionally murderous nation? Just one of their lousy gunmen was able to get three times (plus one) as many humanoids as wimp-American Dyl-Ann Roof. The N.R.A. is falling down on the job; teach our children how to kill effectively, damnit!!

By the way, was this "call to violence by Islamic State extremists" a reaction to the Supreme Court's decision? And how long until the first law-abiding gay-fearing citizen w/ an arsenal shoots up a same-sex wedding?

P.S.: I am not a cynic. I just know what goes on in what passes for minds in these United Snakes. There's a killer out there right now, just waiting, maybe for that body armor he ordered w/ his mommy's credit card, maybe for a few thousand more rounds. And you could be among his next victims!

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