Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Now It REALLY Begins All Over Again

If you fortunately missed it (I did too) you may still guffaw at his Imperial Trumpness descending from on high to be among the mere mortals. "Total buffoonery" doesn't come close. (Also: Dogs don't actually sweat, ignoramus.)I just hope this multiply bankrupt world-class prick isn't teasing America & is willing to file the required financial disclosures.

And as if I'd bother, but this bit where a musical artiste (O.K., an att'y. somewhere) tells a (usually Republican) candidate "Stop playing my fucking song, you don't even get it did you fucking listen to any of the lyrics but the chorus you ninny?" is far from new, innit?
Aggrieved party Neil Young prepares to crank it up to 11, some time ago.
Say, is Ol' Neil a real 'Murkin now, or is he still skating on that tourist visa? Damn well better be paying taxes.
2011/12's "election cycle" seems to have happened just a few months ago, now further déjà vu? Already?

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OBS said...

His wackypedia page says he's still a Canuckistani citizen.

How many times does one of these clueless losers have to pilfer a liberal's rock song before:

a) They're not ever allowed to vote or opine on any copyright-related topic ever again,
b) If they want to use any music they must use Ashcroft's "Let Eagles Soar" or nothing at all.