Monday, June 8, 2015

More Fun W/ Self-Medication

Our sincere concern is clearly demonstrated by our effort here.

1 in 3 Americans struggle with an alcohol use disorder, says new study

"Alcohol problems are deeply entrenched and significantly under-treated in our society"

This scab of a nation literally drives you insane, then stigmatizes you for self-medicating when they know damn well there's no cure for "Trapped in America w/ Americans" syndrome.

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mikey said...

Hmm, it could very well be that if a third of the population 'suffers' from it, it might not be an actual 'disorder'. Humans have been drunk most of the time - for many centuries because beer and wine didn't kill you like water did, and across many of those centuries, life was marching and fighting wars, and you liked to get a little bit altered under those conditions. Then there was all the thousands of years where there just wasn't a whole lot to do between planting and harvesting, so you drank and screwed. I like my cocktails, and I'm pretty certain it's not a 'disorder', it's a part of being a human being, and, as you mention, a natural response to the arbitrary brutality of the world...