Monday, May 4, 2015

Defeated By Technology

Used to have a much better understanding of cable telebision wiring & what-not than the average clown walking down the streetAmerican, but in this age of digital cable it appears one can't even jostle a connection w/o (rather than the yes-or-no/working-or-not one would expect from zeroes & ones) 75 of 200+ channels advising you they'll be available shortly forever (The M. Bouffant idea of hell, by the way.) & another 10 being a pixelated mess.

In the good old days one could tell immediately if one's connection wasn't, by observing snow, intermittency, yada; today some fucking moron robot lies & one rationally concludes some dimbulb at the cable co. has pushed the wrong button & denied one the pleasures of two of the seven(!) PAC-12 channels, the Dodger game, &, as most of the local O.T.A. standard-definition channels apparently are narrowcast on a wimpy, easily-disappearing frequency, Christianity being preached by Koreans, endless infomercials & lots of Armenians running around Glendale.

Hell, I wouldn't mind in the least if the robot advised me I was a complete moron & to tighten the hell out of the damn F-connector (The real moron here is the robot too dense to know or tell why this channel isn't available right fucking now!) but don't give me an optimistic bullshit message like
This channel should be available shortly."

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

There's a great bit in Breaking Bad where Jesse uses some of his drug money to get a new apartment and a big-ass flat screen. But he didn't know that you needed a signal source, and so when he turned it on, it just had the blank screen with "acquiring signal" note.

So he sat there, just waiting for a signal to show up...somehow.