Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yet Another Paranoid Buffoon

Or another Republican. Same thing. Are all Republicans mentally ill? No, no, no. What an awful thing even to imply. Some of them are merely psychologically disturbed. And every last one is ignorant beyond belief.
Really, Kris Kobach? Really?
Also amusing: Few rightist outlets seem interested in this absurd pronouncement.

Face it, sheep, Hitler was sort of right: It is nothing less than a genetic imperative to eliminate the psychologically defective like Secretary Kobach. Sterilization at a minimum.

"Laboratory of Democracy?"

Time to admit that some of these experiments in democracy simply have not & will not work out & to consider "contracting" our union, as professional sports leagues sometimes threaten to eliminate teams? Some states ("Bleeding Kansas") like some teams, can & do irrevocably suck & probably should be reabsorbed into the body politic & forgotten.

In the case of Kansas, call it East Colorado & see if allowing the ex-Kansans to use cannabis has better results than Maureen Dowd.


mikey said...

The funny part is they think that if a President tried to use his limited executive power to do this it would work.

It's like gun confiscation - there's no methodology to execute these paranoid delusions. But they don't let that interfere with their paranoid delusions. Is that recursive?

M. Bouffant said...

Senior Executive Editor:
Definitional, sometimes. "Lack of evidence or means is only proof."

Now you made me look: The Civil Rights Act will be interpreted to give "them" a free pass. See? Says right, uh ... mmm ...