Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"White" People Got No Reason ...

Today in Moronic Assholes:
Of course, the SAE case is even more cut and dried than that. This wasn't just about deciding when casual use of a term was unacceptable. It wasn't even just an awful use of the slur. This was about hanging black people.

And yet here, prominent national news commentators [Actually, it was Polack Mika Brzezinski, Limey Joe Scarborough & member of the self-proclaimed "Chosen People" William "Wrong-Way" Kristol, not anyone "prominent". — M.B.] allowed themselves to be distracted from an obviously malicious, hurtful, and dangerous instance of racism by comparing it—suggesting it was equivalent, even, before backing away from the precipice—to a rap lyric. As long as a common response to white racism is to police black culture and seek the Real Racists on a hip-hop stage, it will be impossible to have any serious reckoning with white racism.
Let alone w/ racist pigs like those three.

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Weird Dave said...

My spouse's comment? That chant had its roots in the KKK.