Thursday, March 5, 2015

40 Yrs. Of Shit

Why I'm bloodthirsty: These rancid old bastards have been repeating themselves for an eternity & THEY WON'T SHUT UP!!!
Presaging his slut-shaming of Beyoncé and his aspersions against “trashy” women, Huckabee wrote one column titled “Short Skirts!” in which “some of the newer fashions” favored by women and men (but mostly women), including “very low-cut dresses on girls, extremely tight pants on guys, as well as the halters, bra-less looks on some girls.” Writing that God demanded “every Christian’s modesty,” Huckabee urged readers, “Don’t make the temple of God look like some trashy slum-house.”
If the human body is the temple of Gawd, you fat ugly shit, why should it be hidden? Is it dirty, or is it the "temple of Gawd"? These people have very serious psychological problems. And they're bestially stupid, on top of that. Fucking sheep.
Musing on homosexuality, Huckabee acknowledged that at the time, many people considered it a “disease” or a “psychological problem.” But while it “may in fact be both,” he continued, “it remains a SIN and needs to be acknowledged before God as such if any lasting cure is to be found.”

Huckabee’s columns also touch on alcohol (agin’ it), guns (“Guns don’t kill people — people kill people.”), Watergate (he seemed most offended by the revelation that Richard Nixon cursed a lot), and “The Exorcist” (he wouldn’t go, because it included “violence, profanity, and perversion.”)

Also evident is the same quasi-theocratic worldview that continues to define Huckabee’s politics. He wished in one column for politicians to “apply the principles of Christianity” to their public work, previewing his 2008 endorsement of amending the Constitution to comply with “God’s standards.”
Fascist asshole. Come campaigning here in California, I have some knowledge to drop on you, from a multi-story building.

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Weird Dave said...

"Hee, hee, hee", said the guy pretending to do Tai Chi at the elusive West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Naked.