Thursday, November 15, 2012

Every Cop Is A Criminal

Why the hell else would we have a "Police Terror" label?
A veteran Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy was arrested Wednesday for allegedly shooting and killing a man in Sylmar while off-duty in June, authorities said.

The deputy, Francisco Gamez, 41, has been with the department for 17 years and was last working as a station detective in West Hollywood.
You think we're kidding about pig criminality? The police are as much of a gang as any Blood or Crip clique.
In August, a person who identified himself as the victim's brother commented on the website of the Los Angeles Times, saying he suspected a deputy was responsible.

"We think he is a L.A. COUNTY SHERIFF," the comment stated. "The reason we think he is a Sheriff is that he shouted to my Brother "L.A. COUNTY SHERIFF WHERE YOU FROM" as if the sheriff was in a gang."
Set a gangster to catch a gangster? Jesus fuck these people to hell.


mikey said...

Oh, make no mistake. They ARE a gang. They've got colors and handshakes and territory, but they've also got lots of money, heavy weapons, body armor, air support and even a fucking goddam tank, fer crissakes.

This is not the police that were part of our commmunity growing up. This is an occupation force that sees us as the enemy, a deadly threat to their existence, and an active hostile force to be killed in defense of - now this is the important part - not the community, but the police force...

BadTux said...

Mikey, you must have lived in a cloistered suburban community. I grew up with a cop's kid as my next door neighbor and best friend, and man, the stories I could tell you. They all to a man had a "throw-down" to throw down when they shot someone, usually they got the throw-downs from parolees who they recognized and rousted on the streets and they just took the gun rather than arrest the parolee for a parole violation. They were a gang of thugs then (late 1960's/early 1970's), and it's same old, same old now. Except now they got marshmallows for balls and start shooting if you sneeze too loud 'cause they're scared you might kill them with cold viruses or somethin, while back then their balls clanged, they had entire neighborhoods terrorized while carrying nothing but .38 revolvers and nightsticks.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Cool. Someone just called mikey a poseur.

M. Bouffant said...

Atherton 'Til We Were 10 Editor:
We do b'leeve mikey has admitted to being from Marin County.