Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eat More Shit

Fast food day here, apparently. Is there anything more idiotic, revolting & pretentiously phony than someone worth hundreds of million dollars* eating at McDonald's, let alone ordering for himself? How completely fake, & what an excellent demonstration of just how important he & his time are. Shouldn't this sack of shit be creating a fucking job instead of standing in line waiting to poison himself? Hope he tipped well.
Stop pretending you jerk loser, no one's ever voting for you again. Ever.

*Actually less than worthless. A fucking parasite who should have been burned off the body politic like a leech.


Aunt Snow said...

I know a still photo just captures a fraction of a second in time, but this one seemed to have no problem capturing the self-satisfied smirk he always seems to have on his face.

(One wonders why he didn't choose to use the drive through.)

Weird Dave said...

Apparently Smirky gets free McD hamburgers for life (and he likes them).

"...he often used a card his father got for helping out the McDonald’s founders to get free hamburgers for life."

Yet another reason why I am glad he is not president-elect.

Substance McGravitas said...

Jesus Christ.

Weird Dave said...

No, I'm pretty sure Jesus Christ would not eat at McDonald's.

Halloween Jack said...

Jesus was banned from McDonald's for life after ordering a Filet o' Fish, then giving out free sandwiches to everyone. Dirty hippie.

M. Bouffant said...

Freebies Editor:
Apparently Jesus didn't get his father's moocher card.