Monday, July 6, 2020

Mines, Marine Casualty

FRI 6 JUL 1945
Mines sink Japanese merchant cable ship Toyo Maru, 73 miles northeast of Tobigasuhana, merchant cargo ship Shori Maru off Ogushi, and merchant cargo ships No.5 Tokai Maru off Mutsure Light, 33°59'N, 130°52'E, and Shinei Maru near Shimonoseki, 33°54'N, 131°01'E; and damage auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 153 off Niigata harbor; army cargo ships Ujina Maru, 120 meters north of Niigata light, and Nissho Maru, at mouth of Senzaki Bay*, and merchant cargo ship Sakaki Maru, 3.1 kilometers south of Motoyama light.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Mitsuminesan Maru is damaged by marine casualty near Chinhae, Korea.
*Japanese Monograph No. 116 lists two army vessels (unspecified as to type) identified only by number (No. 94 and No. 1491) that are damaged by aircraft off Quelpart Island.

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